My 2020 Certification Goals – VMware Focused

Now that we are into the year 2020 it is time to start down the road to new certifications.  2019 was a light year for me as I completed VMCE-ADO and that was about it for certification due to work projects and family life.

This year my goals are high but I will try to achieve as many of these as I can –

  1. VCP-DCA 2020 – I need to upgrade my VCP to the latest version by taking the Delta exam.  It should not be that difficult to do.
  2. VCP-NV – I have taken the ICM course for NSX and have the VCP6-NV Official Study Guide but have not used or played with the software.  Now working at a Cloud Provider we will be using NSX in the future so time to set up my home lab with this and getting hands on to then take the exam afterward when I am fully comfortable.  This exam is much different than the DCA track.
  3. VCAP-DCA/DCD – I am hoping to take the 2020 VCAP exams this year to then get my VCIX.  This is a stretch and if I can do the DCA that will make me happy with the DCD as the cherry on top.
  4. Windows 2016/2019 – Shooting for getting my MCSA for the 2016/2019 track as my last certification goal for this year.  If I get to this one great if not no biggie.

Well with my list ready to go it is time to hit the books, blogs, sites, etc. to find information for study and practice questions.  There is a ton of information out there and I just need Google to help me find it.

Until my next post on Certification where I hope to update on some of these and if I have been able to achieve them.

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