Veeam Vanguard 2020 – Three Years In

I was a part of the Veeam Vanguard program for the past two years in 2018-2019 with the hopes of another renewal for the 2020 year.  Applications opened up for the 2020 year, and this time, it was all based on your application, whereas previous years, you could have others nominate you.  I had been very active and remain active with the Veeam space promoting the product, blogging, Twitter, E-Newspaper, etc.

So I filled out the application with examples of all my activities throughout the year in the hopes I would be accepted.  After applying to wait is the hard part for that email indicating you are in or out.

So based on my post as you can imagine, I was accepted for a third year into one of the best evangelist programs out there – Veeam Vanguard.

To be part of such a great group that got trimmed down this year has been great.  This program is one of the best out there for promoting the Veeam products and giving insight to the Veeam Team.

You can read about it here –

My blog has been on a track where I want it to be as work-related things kept me as well as busy family life, but this year will be more content on Veeam and other products.  I look forward to bringing more articles to everyone.

Until next time.

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