VMware vExpert – 2020 Second Half Applications

With the second half of the vExpert program open until June 25th for applications, now is a great time to apply.  2020 is my first year in the vExpert program after many years of doubting myself to apply, but I am glad I did and here is why.

My vExpert Profile – Chris Childerhose – vExpert Profile

Networking & Information Sharing – Including Slack

Networking is one of the great things about vExpert as you get to network with your IT peers and share information like tips, tricks, how-tos, etc.  Knowing some of the vExperts and even vExpert Pros, you will see at times cross over with other advocacy programs for other companies.  You have the chance to join many information sharing sessions and ask questions.

Also, when accepted into the vExpert program, you have the chance to join the private Slack channel just for vExperts.  There are a variety of channels within here where you can get valuable information on things like PowerCLI, Blogging, Home Labs, Certification and many more.

Access to the Business Units

Your voice will get heard!  With direct access to the business units that hold vExperts in high regard, you can give input on products and help drive the success of VMware.  Also, being a customer or Partner of VMware, you will be able to provide valuable feedback on your daily administrative tasks and challenges/problems that you may come across.

Further to the primary vExpert program, there are subprograms for more specific expertise.  Within these subprograms, you gain access even further into the VMware ecosystem and business units.

NFR Licensing

One of the cool things with vExpert is the ability to get 1-year NFR licensing for testing all of the latest products in a home lab.  You can work on the newest vSphere seven, amongst other things.  It also allows you to test scenarios like upgrades, changes, etc. that you might not want to do in a Production environment, so why not take advantage of the free NFR licensing.

vExpert Swag

One of the many perks of advocacy programs is the swag.  Everyone loves a great golf shirt or jacket.  You also get some pretty cool badges to use, and when accepted in the program on consecutive years, they add a star to your badge.  Mine only has one for 2020, but I hope to keep adding to it in the years to come.

I cannot recommend participating in the vExpert program enough. Please don’t doubt that you are an expert “enough.” Your voice is essential.

For applications go to – vExpert – Second Half Application

For help on applying contact one of the many vExpert Pros – vExpert Pros — These guys are great and able to assist you with your application.

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