Synology DS920+ Network Attached Storage – Blog Series

Synology DS920+ – Network Attached Storage

I was recently in contact with someone in sales at Synology and we discussed some of their new storage options and it was decided to send over a home NAS device for me to test out – DS920+.  I will be completing a blog series on things like setup, configuration, backups, software, etc.

The device I was sent had two 7TB drives in it and I was able to add an M.2 NVME drive that I had laying around for caching.  When you first set up the device on the network you need to install an application called “Synology Assistant” in order to detect the device.  Once detected you can then click on one of the IP addresses (if both NICs connected), then the Connect button to open a web browser to the management console start screen.

At this start screen, you enter things like device name, user, password, etc. to get the ability to log in for management.

So now I begin my journey to configure things like networking as the device has two 1GB connections that can be bonded together which is a nice feature.  There are several settings but I decided to enable the “Adaptive Load Balancing” option, but depending on your network and switches you can select the other options.

So for now this is where I have got with my device and will work on setting up other pieces which I will cover in further blog posts.

I want to thank Kyle Foster @Synology for setting this up for me to allow me to get the device and test it to get the word out.

More to come in further blogs next week where I will set up things like iSCSI for my homelab as well as other utilities built-in to the device that can do backups of virtual machines, Office 365, etc.  I will also be testing the device with Veeam Backup & Replication as a target to see how things perform.

Stay tuned for more on the Synology DS920+!!

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