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VeeamON 2021 – ONLINE Conference


2020 saw unprecedented changes in our world with the COVID19 virus and the many changes that it has made all around the world. Technology and technology conferences are not immune to this virus or the changes that it has brought. Vendors are realizing the severity of what is going on around us and have taken steps to do what’s best for everyone’s health. Many have had to modify their usual physical in-person conference format to the online variety. And Veeam is no exception again in 2021 with VeeamON.

Veeam has transitioned its conference to be held online for 2021 on May 25-27. So why should you attend a Veeam conference?

  1. It’s FREE for everyone! This has to be the best part as it won’t hurt your wallet or bank account.  You can watch in the comfort of your home office while social distancing.
  2. CONTENT – This is really the most fantastic part of VeeamON. Veeam’s sessions are really technical in nature.  Even though I achieved my Certified Veeam Architect (VMCA), there’s still always something I don’t know about Veeam Backup and VeeamONE features and enhancements. The presenters fill in those gaps.  This year will be all about v11 with possible sneak peeks into v12, as well as Kubernetes which is taking off including backups with @Kasten.
  3. INTERACTION & COLLABORATION – Similar to the in-person event, you can interact and collaborate with Veeam technology experts. Take advantage of the opportunity to enter chat-rooms and take part in the hands-on-labs Veeam will offer to diver deeper into their product line
  4. VEEAM LEADERSHIP ACCESSIBILITY – You can gain access…direct access to those who make the technical decisions on the future of Veeam’s products – what enhancements will be made; what features implemented. You can submit for an opportunity to meet with Veeam leaders to provide input and feedback on your experience with Veeam products.


While everyone enjoys the in-person events being able to meet fellow Veeam users and Vanguards, 2021 will still be great.  So be sure to sign up and make the first online event a great success for Veeam.

For more information, and to register, visit Veeam’s VeeamON 2021 information and registration link VeeamON 2021.  If you register before April 22nd you have the chance to get a FREE Veeam SWAG box!

I have registered and hope to see you there!


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