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VMware Tanzu Vanguard – 2023

VMware Tanzu Vanguard 2023

It is official, and I have been awarded VMware Tanzu Vanguard 2023 for the first time applying.

On December 18, 2022, a very nice email arrived in my inbox from Brian Chang (@techadvoguy), one of the community managers indicating he received my application and was giving me the chance to join the program.  I just had to fill out some forms and accept some agreements (the usual stuff), and voila, everything was processed, and I was in the program.

After this, I received an invite to the Tanzu Vanguard slack channel to talk with fellow community members and get a ton of information about Tanzu in general.  Being new to the Tanzu/Kubernetes world, it was a great place to start and ask general questions without worrying about my knowledge level. Everyone is extremely friendly, like many of the IT communities out there.

There were some badges and social media graphics that we got access to, and I received a great swag box with shirts, hoodies and other goodies.

Swag Box with goodies 🙂

The other community manager for the program is Cami Hough (@cami_hough), who can also be found on the slack channel posting about events, calls, and the “Hump Day Highlights” for Tanzu.

So what is a Tanzu Vanguard, you might be asking?  As per a recent email from Cami Hough –


As an active technologist in the IT field, you are well aware that your knowledge, skills, and technical talents make you unique and stand out. The vanguard community was born out of a privilege and acknowledgment that your special skills are to shine, be amplified, and celebrated for everything you have done and will do. This is not your typical community. If you were looking to add this community to your list of product advocacy communities, then you have really lost sight of what we are truly trying to do here. In this community, we set out to accomplish two very important milestones…….to grow and nurture TANZU SUPER USERS and FUTURE THOUGHT LEADERS. If that describes you, then it is time we started on our journey together! ”

You can also find an explanation from the Tanzu Vanguard website as well –

“The VMware Tanzu Vanguard is a select group of active customers, cloud users, and practitioners that are passionate about our products and services. They openly share their experiences and knowledge with the community and the industry.”

Benefits of being a Tanzu Vanguard

  • Access to VMware Tanzu product and service groups
  • Exclusive invitations to our conferences and user group meetups
  • Networking with a small group of peers to get complex IT challenges solved
  • Recognition and rewards for contributions and achievements
  • Digital Tanzu Vanguard badges
  • Community-branded swag

Congratulations to all those awarded the Tanzu Vanguard 2023.  Don’t be shy about reaching out and asking questions on the Slack channel.

If you would like to apply to the program, please visit the following webpage – Tanzu Vanguard – Apply

My journey begins in the Tanzu/Kubernetes world – come and join me!

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