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Monitoring with Backup Eagle

I was recently introduced to a product requiring me to do a PoC to determine if it was a viable monitoring option for my company. I was granted an NFR license to test within my homelab for a product named – Backup Eagle by Schmitz RZ Consult GmbH.

I was curious about how the Backup Eagle product works compared to other monitoring software. It was a straightforward install for the software based on Java, including the database used to store the data.

Backup Eagle is used for Backup Monitoring, Reporting, and Audit & Compliance.

Backup Eagle – What it is used for

Installing the software is very simple after downloading and extracting the zip file. The latest release as of this writing is – Begin the installation using the EXE file and click through the screens.

Running the EXE to start the installer

After the initial screen, you can install either the BE Server or the Admin Client, a component that can be installed on other systems to connect to the Backup Eagle Server. In this case, I have installed the Backup Eagle Server option.

Backup Eagle – Installing Server

The following screens are the program file location and the start menu folder name, including the Install button to finish things up. At the end of the file installation, the second last screen is the installation and startup of the services. Once you click next, the services are created and started in a command prompt window on the screen.

Creating the Backup Eagle Services

The final screen lets you start the Administration client and exit the installer.

Running the Administration Client after install

Once the product is installed, you can open the console from the installer or use the icon on the desktop named – Backup Eagle Administration Client. You will be prompted for a username & password to log in, and a default admin account is documented in the installation guide.

Some of the many things that Backup Eagle can monitor are –

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cohesity
  • Commvault
  • Data Domain
  • Networker
  • RMAN
  • Veeam – VBR/VCC/VB365
  • VMware – vCenter/Nodes

You can find out more about Backup Eagle on their website here –

In my next post, I will take you through the Administration Console and do things like license installation, adding servers to monitor, dashboards, reports, etc. So stay tuned!

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