VMCE-ADO – The Journey Begins (Update – 09/05/19)


I received my VMCE9 back in 2018 and have since not been active to pursue the next level, which is the VMCE-ADO and then grants you the VMCA certification – Veeam Certified Architect. Well, the journey to this certificate begins on Thursday, August 29, 2019, as this is when I start my 2-day class for the VMCE-ADO.

Once I take the course, then I plan to read through the student manual at least twice and use the many resources in the Veeam community from others that have achieved the ADO and created study material for it. Also, there is material from some Veeam Vanguards as well that I received.

Stay tuned as I will update my blog on how I make out and feedback once I take the exam. On to bigger and better things as they say!


Took the VMCE-ADO course last week through Global Knowledge and it was great. You have to wonder how they get everything in within two days but it is possible.

The course goes over everything related to installation, best practices and designing Veeam solutions. It even touches on Veeam ONE as well which was great to see.

I have since printed the textbook to read and review as well as the slide deck which is laid out nicely as it has the slides on the left with room to the right for notes. This is going to be used for last minute review prior to the exam so I have all my written notes. I also printed a study guide from a fellow Vanguard to use also which is condensed to the most important points.

Off to study now and hopefully will be writing the test towards the end of the month as I want a week or two for reviewing everything.

Will report back on exam results. Until then!

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