VeeamON Virtual 2019

Were you not able to attend VeeamON in Miami or did you miss VMware World?  Well the Premier Virtual Conference for Cloud Data Management is right around the corner at VeeamON Virtual on November 20, 2019 – VeeamON Virtual

Join the premier virtual conference where we bring the latest and greatest in data protection, security and management directly to you.

Engage with Veeam’s® leading experts, partners and more than 5,000 attendees and receive exclusive access to sessions and content that will keep you on top of the new innovations, tools and techniques needed today.

There are many reasons to attend the event some of which are –

  Backup for What’s Next with the leading Cloud Data Management™ platform

Get ready for the future with 2020 predictions from Veeam’s top management

Ensure your data is always available across any infrastructure — cloud, virtual and physical — with a single platform

See the latest cloud innovations with Azure, AWS and Office 365

Leverage partnerships and integrations purpose-built to deliver the most value from your investments

Test your knowledge and win prizes throughout the day, including a VR kit!


Including the many reasons listed above to attend the event, there is an Agenda listed on the site –

    • Vision & Strategy
    • Implementation Best Practices
    • Cloud-Powered
    • Architecture & Design

I will dive into more detail in my next post regarding the agenda options and what they cover.

Stay Tuned…


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