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VeeamON Virtual 2019 – AGENDA

VeeamON Virtual event will be held on November 20, 2019, and is an online-only event. As noted on the site – VeeamON Virtual 2019

The online event showcases many topics, and there is an Agenda divided into four sections –

    • Vision & Strategy
    • Implementation of Best Practices
    • Cloud-Powered
    • Architecture & Design

Each agenda offers sessions you pick or choose to attend. You can select one topic or participate in multiple sessions.

Some of the sample sessions are as follows:

Vision & Strategy –

Intro: Veeam Predictions 2020

VeeamON Virtual provides the latest insights and predictions for Cloud Data Management. Veeam will highlight predictions that will remain top of mind for 2020, including ones that will affect the backup and Availability markets. Understanding these predictions and preparing for them ahead of time will allow organizations to enhance and optimize their Cloud Data Management practice.

The Biggest IT challenge in 2020 is coming from the board room

Three out of four organizations have a “reality gap” between what business leaders expect from IT and what IT is geared to deliver. This session will examine the industry trends that are causing the gap, how those expectations are driving 2020 challenges and strategy, and give some ideas on how to close the gap from both a technical and an operational perspective.

The Veeam difference: a customer perspective

In this session, Rick Vanover from Veeam will interview Ryan Jacksland on using Veeam products. This customer perspective is critical to gaining insight into the Veeam experience.

Implementation of Best Practices –

VeeamON Virtual Exclusive: Sneak peek to upcoming releases from Veeam

There are many new capabilities that Veeam is bringing to the market. In this session, Melissa Palmer and Karinne Bessette from Veeam Product Strategy will provide an overview of new capabilities you can expect from Veeam in the near future.

The essential guide for physical and cloud data protection

Organizations have data in many different places that all must be made available and resilient. Physical systems and the cloud aren’t exceptions from this requirement. Despite obvious differences, these types of environments are still much alike in terms of data protection, and they demand a proper backup strategy. Luckily, Veeam has an answer to this challenge. Join this session where Andrew is going to showcase how Veeam Agents can play a major role in physical and cloud environments’ data Availability.

5 DR headaches and how to fix them

Disaster isn’t just an IT problem anymore. With the entire business dependent on 24/7 access to IT services, even a small outage can reach far and wide, wreaking havoc on anything in its path. To combat this, organizations must develop and deliver a foolproof disaster recovery (DR) plan that aligns both business and technical requirements and outcomes in order to mitigate risk and minimize the impact. However, doing this is seldom straightforward. Join this session to learn about the five biggest challenges our DR experts hear every day and get tips, tricks and advice on how to overcome them to ensure that your DR plan is fit and ready to go, no matter what the world throws at it.

Winning the war on ransomware: Backup is part of your defense

The war on ransomware continues. Are you doing everything you can to be resilient against this threat? In this session, Rick Vanover and Travis Miller will outline some practical tips and strategies so you can be more resilient and have additional options to avoid data loss.

Veeam’s partnerships explained: API to Z

Partnering with top brands in the IT industry is part of Veeam’s strategy as a company. In this session, attendees will have an overview of the different types of partnerships that Veeam has and how they apply to your organization. David Hill will provide an overview of the different partnership programs (Veeam ProPartner, VCSP, Alliance Partner Program, GSI, VASP and more) that Veeam offers, followed by Travis Miller providing a technical overview of the storage integration capabilities.

3 reasons why a Veeam Universal License makes sense

Licensing may not be the reason you come to Veeam, but we believe it’s another reason you choose to stay with us. As the world needs flexibility and greater choice in their data management strategy, Veeam is enabling that for customers without added fees, taxes or blockers. In this session, we’ll cover how this license came about, how it is used interchangeably across various workloads, and why the improvements make sense and give customers greater choice.

Cloud-Powered –

The case for backing up Office 365 data

Do you truly have complete access and control of your Office 365 data? The common reaction is typical, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of that for me.” The reality is that Microsoft protects the underlying infrastructure in Office 365, but customers are still responsible for protecting their own data. For this reason, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 was one of Veeam’s fastest-growing product lines of 2018 and trending towards this again in 2019. In this session, we will cover the six critical reasons for Office 365 backup and the Office 365 Shared Responsibility Model and go through an overall demo of how to back up and recover Office 365 data quickly and seamlessly.

Service Provider BaaS and DRaaS Use Cases

Microsoft Office 365 is not the only data your customers aren’t protecting. Your customers rely on you to have their back, making sure their workloads are protected, regardless of where they reside. Attend this session to learn how you can:

  • Offer backup and intelligent recovery of production workloads residing in your hosted or customer‑owned infrastructure
  • Build enterprise-calibre disaster recovery and data retention, powered by the reliability and affordability of your managed cloud services
  • Expand into new markets with Availability and portability for hyperscale cloud workloads like Microsoft Office 365
Leverage the public cloud to safeguard your backups with Veeam Cloud Tier and Object Storage

In this session, an attendee will discover how they can leverage the public cloud object storage platforms to extend their backup capacity and more. With Veeam Cloud Tier, a scale-out backup repository can now be configured to meet compliance with industry regulations while implementing the critical best practice 3‑2‑1 rule. Come learn more about how Veeam Cloud Tier and Object Storage are changing backup storage forever.

Architecture & Design –

Enterprise applications — How to easily recover your data

Join us to learn about ways that Veeam simplifies backup and adds flexibility to meet recovery objectives for your enterprise workloads. Tap into key insights from the experts on protecting your most critical applications, including SQL, Exchange, Oracle and SAP HANA.

Designing for Veeam at scale

In this session, however, we will show the details behind the numbers. Implementing Veeam Backup & Replication™ is easy — but how can you properly size an environment for thousands of VMs? In this session, we will go over the different roles and components, how the data flows and what calculations, boundaries and obstacles you will encounter. After knowing what you can and will encounter, we will explain step by step through real customer examples and limitations to educate how sizing and design are done properly.

Nutanix Mine — Secondary Storage Simplified

Nutanix Mine is a purpose‑built backup solution that offers all the benefits of Nutanix’s distributed architecture, one‑click simplicity and rapid‑time value, along with Veeam’s robust backup capabilities. Anything that Veeam can back up, Nutanix Mine can back up, including Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper‑V workloads, whether those workloads are running on Nutanix today or traditional infrastructure. Nutanix Mine with Veeam supports the ability to store backups locally on the mine secondary storage or any S3‑compatible object store, whether it’s Nutanix Objects or in the cloud.

I will be joining other Veeam Vanguards in the Q&A section to answer questions during the event.  There will also be plenty of Sponsor related sessions as well in each of the tracks. So if you have some time to spare and want to learn everything, Veeam then attend the VeeamON Virtual event on November 20, 2019.

VeeamON Virtual

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