Synology DS920+ Network Attached Storage – Web Console

Synology DS920+ — Web Console

I have completed the initial setup of my DS920+ and now want to take you through the Web Interface where the management of the NAS takes place.  You connect to the device using either the DNS name or IP address as follows – http://<IP or DNS Name>:5000/

Once you get to the login page and type in the Administrator username & password you are then presented with the main console screen which has a widget showing in the bottom right and buttons on the left side of the screen:

The widget is the “Health Widget” and shows the status of your DS920+.  It will show if it is healthy or not, the Server name, network IP, uptime and the bottom half shows CPU, RAM and network traffic.  The button in the top right corner of the screen can toggle the Health widget on or off as noted in the screenshot.

The button on the top left side of the screen is the customization button for the buttons on the left-hand side of the window, which when clicked brings up the respective Widget on the main window.  These can then be arranged as needed to allow for a customized view.

The following shows some of the widgets toggled on with the buttons on the left and arranged on the screen for viewing components you want to monitor or watch.

This has covered off the web console for the Synology DS920+ and then the next post will look at setting up things like:

  • Networking – single or bonded network cards including IP settings
  • Storage – created a RAID setup including NVME for caching
  • iSCSI – setup of volumes for use in VMware to connect to hosts
  • File Services – SMB/NFS, FTP, and rsync

Look for the next blog in a few days and check back frequently.  Also, feel free to subscribe to the site and receive newsletters as blogs are posted including a weekly recap.

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